[S4L] The Truth behind -WinningRoad.

The truth behind the silent and sudden demise behind one of S4’s most renowned clans. A tale of betrayal, corrupt staff and unpaid volunteers that rocked the Netsphere despite attempts from former host alaplaya to silence it by immediately deleting all threads that were published on the matter and banning the users who posted them.

April 3.

WinningRoad clan master -WnR.Neluro got his account “stolen”. All of the items in his equipment were dropped, his nickname got changed to NeluroGoesPen, and the clan leadership was given to a freshly made account called -WnR.IVI (aka IVIaestroChief/Shinzu).

For those who don’t know much, Neluro’s account was probably THE most valuable account in the entire game: max level, Full Premium equipment, and with an unique OP Crown accessory (won from the Supersonic tournament); leader of THE most important clan called WinningRoad: the number one for a long time, the clan that has won the highest amount of tournaments in S4 history, and one of the 11 clans to ever receive a custom clan mark in the game (won from the Burning Aim Tournament).

So, how did IVI manage to hijack Neluro’s account?
To be honest, Nelu was one of the few WnR members who didn’t share his account with anyone, or at the very least, I know he would’ve been very careful with it, so let’s exclude account sharing.
Nelu wasn’t a cheater either, he wasn’t that kind of player that downloads hacktools like many high leveled players do, so the “he got a keylogger” theory is to be excluded, his ass is as clean as a whistle.
The thief managed to “recover” Nelu’s account by writing an account recovery ticket to ala’s support, containing many of Nelu’s personal information, such as the ID, birthday date, payments, and all the information needed to recover an account. How the heck did he get all that info?
With the help of a German GM

Everyone should know that Game Masters are able to see the account information of any player (except the password), our logs basically, this is what happened, it’s the only explanation. The thief is befriended with a GM who disclosed personal information of an account under request of the thief.

IVI already told us that he was going to hack our clan months ago with account recovery, but we didn’t really pay attention to that lol.
At the moment, all of IVI’s accounts are permabanned for what has happened, including the current fake leader of WinningRoad. Good job alaplaya, problem solved. Wait what, WTF IS THIS? No, nothing is solved. Nelu got his account back but all of items are gone and it’s freaking permabanned too. We didn’t get our clan back either. The corrupted GM most probably, still works for alaplaya.

You messed up alaplaya. You messed up very badly, and banning one guy isn’t enough to fix all the problems. You must give to Neluro his account back with all the stuff he had. I’ve heard of accounts being rolled back in the past for “farm”. So it’s possible. Staff members nowdays get free max lvl accounts with the specific GM set, so you can restore Nelu’s items with no problem, DO IT.
The clan WinningRoad still exists technically at the moment, but it’s “on hiatus” since, like I said its fake leader is permabanned. You managed to fix the old epic top 10 clan hack, so you are perfectly capable of doing a simple task, such as giving to ME the freaking WinningRoad leadership.

“zomg hara go write a tickettt”
Shut up, I want to discuss about this openly with the staff, I want to warn everyone about the stealing potential of account recovery, I want to warn everyone that they should have a lvl 0 account as clan master instead of using your main one for security reasons if it’s an important clan.
They did NOT answer to our tickets.

Morale of the story: Try to use a different username/email/password for every game you play. “Privacy” is a big word on paper, but corruption can and will occur anywhere. Especially in games which are hell-bent on maximizing profits and “hire” volunteer staff members to cut down costs.

/edit: Four months after the publication of this article, we received the following message (see below).

By the way, the clan WinningRoad was restored about 3 months ago, same for the clan leader. Ala did something decent! Well, half decent. Because right now, if you search ingame the clan WinningRoad, you still see the name of the hacker guy as clan master even though it’s not, same for the old clan descriptions Lol.

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20 Responses to [S4L] The Truth behind -WinningRoad.

  1. .ProtoStyle says:

    I admit, there was a small bit of personal interest involved in writing this.

    The relevant image for the top 10 clan hack:

  2. Harakiry says:

    Hah, so you really wrote it, cool stuff and thanks.
    I have to say it, I’m the one who wrote the post in case anyone was wondering. I saw the removal of the post coming from miles away, but my purpose was to stir the waters a bit, and it somehow worked.
    They stopped giving a fuck, so I woke them up a little bit about the fuckery that has happened to my clan and to its poor leader, who was guilty only of being fabulous.

  3. Tzunami says:

    Considering the amazing track record of Alaplaya/P7A1, and the severity of this problem, it really bothers me that they have done little to nothing to solve this problem. It goes to show you exactly how much they care about their community and the problems behind the scenes. It’s surprising that they managed to do a complete purge of their roster and issue new names as well as new members of the staff, but the fact that one of them had the tenacity to pull something like that with no repercussion?

    I might not be a player that relates well with the clan aspect of games, but I know a few members of WnR and this is possibly the worst thing that could have happened, with the useless reactions that everyone knows AlaPlaya is famous for. As well, considering that could have happened to anyone in this game, simply because someone has GM ties and they hate a certain player/want control of a certain account, is just ridiculous.

  4. Asteroids. says:

    May a7aplaya wake the fuck up.


  5. -WnR.Revo says:

    -WnR.Silver is the most valuable account. Sad what happened to Winningroad.

  6. Randomfailer says:

    nobody cares about a clan who is “competitive” in a dead game

  7. Asemu says:

    You should expect none the less from mentally retarded freelancers while no one bothers to manage and keep eye on them [Talking about Paid Staff]. There have been a lot of power abuses before as no one gave a damn thing about it. All they cared was that those retards do their work and then they can have their asses covered. Not to mention other issue that there are seriously unprofessional and careless Support Managers who forget or don’t give a fuck to remove powers from people who left support or any other team for months.
    As a result you can find leaked internal information or even bunch of accounts data on the net afterwards. No need to hack servers as people can freely steal information due to lack of common sense in this company to take care of the things without delay.

  8. what. says:

    Fucking hypocrite, WNR deserve this.

    Nobody cares about your QQ on a dead game, stupid faggot scrub

    • Treyclone says:

      That dead game has been running very long since i heard a stupid nickname like you said the same. So let me guess S4L is now a Walking Dead Game?

      btw, are you really human?

  9. NiuWang says:

    Damn, feeling bad for one of the most egotistical yet fun to play with Clans ever.

  10. Espeon says:

    So pathetic and infuriating that this was able to happen and that alafail refuses to properly address this. Sad to see one of the top clans disband and one of the best players quit.

  11. Karst- says:

    Never followed nor give a singular crap about WnR. Heard nothing but bad things about them as well, so I was never fond of them either. Still, doubt he deserved to lose his account, and even if he did, it’s still pretty messed up that a GM did it.

    I can’t say I’m surprised though. They made a name for themselves in the competitive community and the Alaplaya Staff are really, really /not/ very trustworthy.

  12. Hinaru says:

    Sa vous apprendra à win le Barca, enculés

  13. gettheD says:

    put the blame on subaku

  14. wizzardo says:

    in some words: p7s1 fucked everything up.
    even if there was some ego on wnr, they were really good players. i hate seeing those pro players leaving the game because of a bad administration. annd whats worse, the number of sword match players is increasing so fast…

    btw, first time here and loved the blog. nice work c:

  15. Harakiry says:

    By the way, the clan WinningRoad was restored about 3 months ago, same for the clan leader. Ala did something decent! Well, half decent. Because right now, if you search ingame the clan WinningRoad, you still see the name of the hacker guy as clan master even though it’s not, same for the old clan descriptions Lol.

    Just updatin’.

  16. SomeonePassingBy says:

    I just wanted to know how it happens, now I know. It’s still alafail, doesnt surprend me. I’m happy for not giving any cash to them or Pro7.

    Anyway, I like the advice at the end haha.

    And btw, theres no *most valuable* accounts. It just rare stuff that ppl dont care about. Wich make valuable an account is being proud of it. Yet, many high lvl player thinks the more fp and AP spend make their account better. Sadly, S4L became like that… :(

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