The Mighty 11

Because it has been 11 months since the blog went on hiatus. Coincidentally also the period during which I had a real life.

Come back? But to what? Yes? But how often? Study? Or S4? Continue writing? Or maybe not? Should I give ahmed_dragonGOD_9000 my mobile number this time in return for 50k free AP / GC / whatever or not?

Decisions, decisions ..

So let me start by explaining what has been keeping me busy:

Nah I’m just kidding lol Here is the real reason


So while I figure out what to do I updated the pages under ‘site nav’ at the left because boredom.

To give this entry at least some meaning here is ‘Mighty 11’ in its full glory!

!! WARNING !! Contains sensitive parts, click at own risk !! WARNING !!


Best stuff in town .. get it now.

Also, drop a line below if you’re alive and reading this kthx.



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17 Responses to The Mighty 11

  1. Tzunami says:

    Ah, that explains the disappearing act. As we all know, S4 has been one of those games where you play and then eventually stop for whatever reason, but, somehow, people always come back to it.

    Either way, it’s great to see you back… besides the ban that’ll end in another 6 and some years.

    • .ProtoStyle says:

      Proxy OP hh

      Been a while indeed. I’ve tried accessing your soundcloud page but it’s been down for ages. Your YT page is even more dead than my blog so eh, no luck there either. You stopped making music or something?

      As for the game, eh. I’ve got some tournament ideas I’d love to throw out there to relive the good days but that’s pretty much it.

      • Tzunami says:

        Ah, yeah, I’ve gotten that question a bit. After a bit of research, I decided to change my artist name for a number of reasons, the biggest being separating my gaming pseudonym and my artist one. As for YouTube, WLMM likes to chop the beginning of my songs off, so, I’m happy using the audio-only Soundcloud method.

        Looking at S4, it would be nice to get back into the swing of the game, at least, with a good amount of people to enjoy some casual games with.

      • .ProtoStyle says:

        I see, that explains a lot. Mind sharing the link to your new page (if any)? Escape the World and Fate of the Netsphere are still frequently on my playlist, would love to stay up-to-date with your music.

        As for S4, we’ve got some tournament ideas lined up — perhaps that will help with getting back into the game. Can always shoot me a request too. IGN: .ProtoStyle

      • Tzunami says:

        No problem at all, as I’m sure some people are still wondering where my music disappeared to as well. would be the new location for all my music. I’ve spent the last 4-5 months or so preparing tracks for a new album (hopefully sometime in the summer if inspiration keeps up), but, it’s the usual things you’d find on there with plenty of WIPs laying around.

        That’s a good idea for S4. Next time I hop on (currently as I’m typing this), I can add you and we can go from there in the sense of tourney ideas.

  2. Skia says:

    Was excited to see a mail from Ardan Frontier. Slightly disappointed at its contents, but eager to see you write again.

    • .ProtoStyle says:

      Gotta start small, son.

      Just looking for some motivation & spare time and I believe we’re good to go. Still have an entire list with ideas that didn’t make it onto the paper yet so inspiration is not the problem here.

      Good to see you again.

  3. Mr wizard says:

    Welcome back!

  4. the_dead_one says:

    Welcome back! I missed your posts. Got a new computer, by the way. XD

  5. Luksi says:

    I though the new client displayed “Unknown error” instead of “you have been banned” now. xd

    • .ProtoStyle says:

      Possible — I have no way to login and check lol On the other hand, how would you know what the new ban message looks like? Hmm..

      By the way, it was your email that got me back. Found it when I checked the Ardan mailbox the other day. Morale of the story? A small token of appreciation can do a lot :)

  6. .Ujjwal says:

    More porno plz.

  7. Harakiry says:

    Lost my shit at giving account info to ahmed_dragonGOD_9000.
    You’re still the very best, like no one ever was. DAN DAAN DADAN

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