[S4L] Ode to Neden-2

Don’t you just
love it,

Your e-wives will cheat and
your friends won’t stay true
But Neden-2 will always be there,
for you.

Neden-2, Neden-2.
It is for me, it is for you.
So play, play it now!

– By me

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to what I have come to address as a small homage to one of the greatest S4 maps ever made: Neden-2. “N2” was my very first S4 map and may very well be my last, if the opportunity presents itself one day to uninstall S4 once and for all. Now, there are two ways to convince you of the wonders behind this glorious piece of code. The first involves me posting a screenshot and telling you that you’d better fucking like it, essentially just forcing my opinion on you. Since that would not be beneficial with regards to our reader count I instead will opt for the second method. For that, I need to introduce you to the concept of magic. Yes, you heard it correctly: magic. It exists. It is closer than you think. It is right here, in S4.

Look what playing too much S4 does to people.. yes, yes, I know. But before the whitecoats come to get me, I want to clarify that magic in S4 more specifically comes in the form of Neden-2; how can you otherwise account for this map causing people to return to the game when all seemed lost, raising their spirits, and reminding them of the good ‘ol days long past — all while providing them a good match at the same time?

Neden-2 is all this and so much more. Neden-2 is everything. Neden-2 is love.
..Neden-2 is LIFE!


Let us start with some context. Neden-2 or N2 is the second of the Neden maps for the Deathmatch mode. While the setting is still that of a warehouse site somewhere in the outskirts of Neden, the virtual “S4 city” (it can actually be seen in the background/bottom of this map), it is set in a completely different location and takes place during a completely different time compared to its predecessor. The sun is now setting (which always conveys a magic touch or idyllic sentiment somehow), the sewers are stinking waiting for you to crawl and slouch through them, and DJ Max is playing his legendary Fuzzy Control to get you revved up for a fun match. All the factors are there.

S4_20140410_105120Myself, I have fond memories of playing this map when I was still a rookie, somewhere around patch ~14. You technically just walked around (not running at Usain Bolt speeds (AP users), meteor speeds (hackers) or teleporting (laggers) like in the present day) and simply enjoyed the map. Some shooting here, some slashing there. You’d check the crates on the sides to see if someone was taking the ‘sneaky’ route and, if they did, you’d go meet them together with your bros tell them they’d gonna need more than that up in here boi in a nice if not slightly cliché ghetto dialect before giving them a treatment that later coined the term “backalley job” and simultaneously caused them to educate their kids to never go into alleys alone.

Somewhere down this road of bliss and joy people discover Mind Energy, people discovering sniping and people discovered smash rifles. What followed (and still follows, on the rare occasions that the map is still played in the present) was endless camping fight that caused the map to quickly lose its popularity as it made a name for itself as a “camper’s map”. Later on, though, all DM maps fell under the Mind Energy curse and the entire mode itself became known as the “camper’s mode”. Crisis averted.

psychiatrist-and-patient Despite these and other minor setbacks, it is good to know that the ever-loyal S4 community, never the ones to change long-standing traditions on a whim like a bunch of opportunists, maintained faith in this excellent map. This is still evident in the present day, as I encounter Neden-2 rooms so often that I can’t take a step without tripping over them. Don’t believe me? Here, let me just go into the lobby and prove it to you:

…You motherf—

Alright so, apparently Neden-2 is not as popular anymore. Why it isn’t is beyond me. It is the map that re-defined the concept of camping. The map that gave us a plethora of new insults to throw at healers and snipers alike. It is a map that carries the reminiscent scent of a past long gone. A past where you only had to worry about players with fumbi gear instead of forcepack homing weapons, hovering gunblade boots, hovering gunblade weapons and whatever else was just blatantly stolen from Final Fantasy and other series.

The question is as follows: is there still a use for Neden-2 in the present S4, where weapons such as Mind Energy get buffed because they are too weak (??) and there apparently are no other maps besides Square? Is there? Yes, there is!


..Okay, N2 is in an even worse state than I expected. Perhaps it is time to re-awaken some dormant passion for the map. For starters, let it be known that the map can be played in a number of ways. It lends itself to sniping, camping, sneaky assaults, forward assaults and situations ranging from simple 1v1 hero carnage to brutal gangbangs multi-man efforts. Rush into the warehouse. Spray and pray. Will you run up the stairs, or fall back while providing suppression fire for allies? On the other team, an alert player sees enemies coming up fast and rushes to the top entrance of the warehouse. Blast them away with a Revolver before they can pass through. Down with those dogs. Jump back down. Shoot, shoot, shoot those faggots coming in from below. Quickly check the alley. Make that one player regret it. All while not having a moment to relax, as you are caught in an everlasting moment of perfect ecstasy.

I think part of the appeal behind Neden-2 is that it is one of the few maps where you can still enjoy the ‘thrill of the hunt’ so to speak. It is no perfectly symmetrical map, but it is balanced. There are no generic open areas or squares. What awaits you atop those stairs? What is hiding behind that wall? As you make your way at maximum speed, as the objects flash past your eyes, you realize that you may be running towards your own death. But boy, how fun it is. How good it feels! To just go out with a bang as you rush towards the distant sunset.

S4_20140410_105208S4_20140410_105245If all that isn’t enough, there are also some things that you can do on Neden-2 — only on Neden-2 as well. For one, you can pretend you are Duke “You’re an inspiration for birth-control!” Nukem (Dual Magnums included). While your unsuspecting enemies are fidgeting around below, bust that roof and drop down guns a blazin’, shooting and firing up the place around you.

S4_20140410_105301You can also workout on Neden-2. Gotta put that “sports” in S4 somehow, eh. Use the stairs and do those squats.


Watch those abs grow

Neden-2. You have S4 maps, you have DM maps, and you have Neden-2. Perhaps it is because of nostalgia, perhaps because of player sentiment. But regardless of whether any or none of these appeal to you, just try the map out sometime. No heals preferred. Perhaps, the magic of Neden-2 will then come to you as well.

Until the next time.

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11 Responses to [S4L] Ode to Neden-2

  1. Ujj says:

    I just love your scribbles QQ
    -fangirl scream-

  2. Skia says:

    I loved your “ways to play Neden-2 are numerous” paragraph. Kinda made me feel like I was there.

  3. Harakiry says:

    I can indeed confirm that Neden-2 is easily the best DM map available in the game. I am therefore going to write a comment longer than the article itself. U jelly?

    If we specifically think about 1vs1 matches, nothing compares to its magnificence. In all the 1vs1 matches I do, I always pick N2 because it has the best open space for 1v1/Sword Matches. You can clearly see the enemy coming. And also for the following reasons:
    Azit? Surprise attacks with the ramps at 360 degrees are possible and are a bitch considering the 3 seconds long invincible status, plus it’s the only map in the game where you can safely camp forever in the respawn if it’s Swords Only, or snipe camp in Unlimited. Ability to suicide to reset HP.
    Azit-EX? Same surprise attacks problem but to a lower extent. Ability to suicide.
    Neden-1? Unclear respawn locations (N2 ones are better, you know where the enemies come from) In Unlimited, it’s way more a Mind Energy/Shield shit-fest than N2. In Swords Only, the open space where 99% of the fights happen is not as well designed as the one in N2, because it’s basically a walljump-shit-festival. Oh, and try to go to the sewers and look up. Fucking bullshit. Neden-J is too similar to this, except it has slightly less space (bad) and no annoying sewers (good). Oh and also the fucking sakura trees (good).
    Neden-3? Bitch please, it’s an excellent TD map but not a DM one.
    Highway? See N3. Even though it has some good places to fight and the ability to hide inside cars (which may be seen as negative too lol), at low graphic setting, many terrain textures are entirely black, which is fucking unbearable. Also, too big, can hide/camp anywhere and no one will give a fuck about you.
    Circle-1? Surprise 360° attacks + irritating respawn platforms (they can get stuck forever too even though they’re breakable). Unique ability to do 1 single kill and suicide for the rest to virtually win any match (like Azit and Azit-EX).
    Blockbuster? Surprise 360° attacks and has the heaviest abuse of invincibility status. Irritating as shit in SO since hits get blocked by all those breakable objects. Ability to suicide. Causes fucking epilepsy. Its uniqueness actually makes it an original Chaser map though, just remember to increase your brightness when you’re the Chaser ffs.
    Square? MIND ENERGYYYYYYYYSHIEEEEELDS. But still super fun if played with 16 players actually. Can also block enemy spawns with 2 Blocks lmao. The rest of the maps are too boring/small/tricky for me to give a fuck. Except Luna-2, Luna-2 ez prety kool.

    PROOOOtoStyle is always right, and Neden-2 is perfection.

  4. Tzunami says:

    I’d have to agree that Neden-2 is up there on the “Best maps of S4” list. It’s a simple and straight-forward map that offers many different alternatives which most maps cannot offer.

    Personally, I enjoy the clever maps that require a bit more thought or the bigger maps with more space such as Highway, Holiday and the now-replaced Old Moon. Things like fixed-spawns are always a plus, even though they can be easily camped at times (Luna-2, Holiday), while the variation of play-style between players opens the map for clever (or obnoxious) strategies that people love to use. The maps that are spacious and open lend to the giant sniper matches that people tend to hate (Highway), but, with a change of strategy, you can turn those matches into free kills while those snipers are too focused on other players.

    A medium-sized map like Neden-2 is the perfect balance that any player can enjoy.

    • .ProtoStyle says:

      Hi Tzu,

      We are of the same opinion. Haven’t been fortunate enough to catch you in-game yet, but if we do happen to be online simultaneously we should definitely host a Neden-2.

      PS. Any news on your track “Sunrise” ? Been a favourite of mine since I heard it for the first time — even if it is a WIP. Would love to hear the final version.

      • Tzunami says:

        Aye. I’m off and on, since my producing takes up most of my time, though, I try to play various games throughout the day so I don’t spend 12 hours on music alone.

        Speaking of the music, “Sunrise” is actually near the top of my list of all the WIPs I have. With Trance being one of my favorite genres, I wanted to get the sound and design as perfect as it could be. I have a few other songs that are currently being worked on and aren’t posted, along with a couple songs that I have a good friend sifting through for a feature, so, I couldn’t give you an exact release date, but, it will be one of the first WIPs finished.

      • .ProtoStyle says:

        Tops. Will be looking forward to it.

  5. D3 says:

    my name is there. Therefore, I obviously agree.

  6. -Joley says:

    Neden 2 is absolutely fantastic. The large amount of boxes/obstacles makes it even more enjoyable to bring a Sentry Gun to the game; there are just so many places you can put your Sentry to annoy and/or sneak up on your opponents.

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