[S4] Siege -Reloaded- : Defend & Destroy (Teams & Room Info)

/UPDATE 2: Today is the day! Click here for the countdown to the match start. Remember: rooms open up one hour in advance!

/UPDATE: Some participants have announced that they can’t make it, so the substitutes are getting their chance to shine. Check back frequently to see if your name has been added to any of the teams — this entry is updated continuously.

The sign-ups are closed, and thus we are moving on to the next phase of the tournament. In this entry you’ll find the teams per room, as well as some other important info so be sure to give it a thorough read or two.

[ ! ] There have been some changes to the rewards (more evenly distributed) and rules (eg. new 3 Metallic users per team limit, no eSper chips) over the past few days. Please go over the info entry again to ensure that you are fully up-to-date.

[ ! ] Livestream @ http://www.twitch.tv/S4_league

[Info Sheet]

  • Participants: Your name in any of the lists below = entry approved. Use search / control + F to quickly find your IGN and the team you’re on. Good luck!
  • [Reminder] Rooms are open 1 hour in advance of the match start moment (@ SAT 14th June, 1700h GMT/UTC) (When is this for me?). Rooms will be hosted in English (Europe) 2 server (NOT the default /  English (Europe) 1 atop the server list) and in the Free-1 (Unlimited) channel.
  • Gear Inspection: Your gear will be inspected prior the start of both matches. Please have your information set as “open” in advance — it makes our job easier. After you have been inspected and received an “Ok”, please press Ready and remain in that status until the match begins.
  • In-between matches: There will be a 10-minutes break in-between matches. During this time, you are allowed to change gear, as long as the requirements are still met (so still only a max. of 3 metallic users, 2 healing weapons, no smash, etc.) before we start the next game.
  • Hosts / Supervisors: Each room will be hosted and supervised by two members of the ET, who will also participate in the match as normal players. Room #1 will be supervised by myself (.ProtoStyle) & 1 ET member.
  • Please consult the info entry again for a final check on the Special Rules and / or if you are unsure on anything: http://ardanfrontier.com/s4-siege-reloaded-defend-destroy-unlimited/
  • [Reminder] The winner is decided by the # of cores a team holds. Solo rushing for the highest points is likely to backfire and leave you empty-handed. Work together with your team and make use of strategy.
  • If you are recording / streaming your match individually, please drop the corresponding url in the comments to this entry below after it has been uploaded. Many thanks for your efforts!
  • Winners will be announced as soon as possible (in a separate entry).
  • Good luck & Have fun!

(+) -> Will record or stream his/her match

Room passwords are Case Sensitive.
The names of the ET members per team will be added later. Check back to see who will host your room.

Teams – Room 1

Room Name: Siege D&D Room 1
Room Password: 1001AF
Room Hosts: .ProtoStyle & ET-


  • .ProtoStyle (+)
  • SeyrenWindsor
  • FFSpecialRoboox
  • .NTH.*Cr0w.-
  • ChampionKaka
  • aR.Nacho
  • SleepiFox
  • SilverZx33


  • r4f4
  • -Synapse
  • -Yuki.Freya
  • LumiusCux
  • -Boudys-Combi2
  • Vip.Net2
  • […] (ET) (+)

Teams – Room 2

Room Name: Siege D&D Room 2
Room Password: 1002AF
Room Hosts: –


  • ToxicRoxie*
  • -.Charisma.
  • .SexyPixie.
  • …. [Lexi.
  • chupa-cabras
  • D.MonkeyQueen
  • __Sam___
  • [….] (ET) (+)


  • bloodskuller
  • Ritusko
  • -Takumii-
  • …. Damion.
  • -[Riku
  • -.The_Lion.-
  • FrostXL
  • […] (ET) (+)

Teams – Room 3

Room Name: Siege D&D Room 3
Room Password: 1003AF
Room Hosts: –


  • Lola-Melancholy (+)
  • LoyalxKnight (+)
  • -SpitFire.
  • CambRock1
  • Osama_Talha
  • -K.S.A.
  • Wicked_eyes
  • […] (ET)


  • Giorgia_Chan (+)
  • .MoraLeS-HoT.
  • MissAcidTearz
  • [-Nyx.
  • -Prince[K.
  • Silver*Eagle
  • *VaMPiER*
  • […] (ET)

Teams – Room 4

Room Name: Siege D&D Room 4
Room Password: 1004AF
Room Hosts: –


  • 124124124
  • Makishupy
  • The_MysticReturn
  • Risashi
  • i.Lexii (+)
  • .CrAzYxBoY.
  • gani002 (P) – 67
  • […] (ET)


  • SleepiDemon (+)
  • uzumakinaruto42
  • -.MerciLessLy.-
  • Shu_Cat
  • *ClooS3*
  • fitote
  • cXExoticXc
  • […] (ET)

Teams – Room 5

Room Name: Siege D&D Room 5
Room Password: 1005AF
Room Hosts: –


  • ChungSherllingGu
  • -Rsn.Ancit
  • KoM6uNaTop
  • ..zYm..
  • Cyraen
  • -Xitex (+)
  • […] (ET)


  • UnPeetaSelvatico
  • I-NeoN-I
  • WhiteKittteh
  • ReturnofS4 (+)
  • MetroidMan64 (+)
  • miss_choch
  • Zammyz
  • […] (ET)


Those who signed up past the deadline are not listed in any of the teams, but are very much invited to be online when the match takes place — if anyone is absent or is kicked (which is bound to happen — we’ve already had some cancellations) you are next in line to take his/her place. You can watch the livestream or anything in the meantime too for a chance at some rewards, so its a win-win situation.

  • Killahbunneh
  • Revengers-_- (S) – 59
  • clovis1122 (S)
  • Hiromi-Chan (S) – 45
  • KagameHyuga (P) – 69
  • zSephiroth. (P)
  • -[Desha-* (P) – 60
  • .Green.Light. (P) – 63
  • .Final*Kollegah (P) – 70
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7 Responses to [S4] Siege -Reloaded- : Defend & Destroy (Teams & Room Info)

  1. steven says:

    Ign : -[Desha-* rank : 60

  2. Abdo says:

    IGN : .Green.Light.
    Lv : 63

  3. Ao-Kitsune says:

    I regret to inform that I won’t make it due to last minute changes in my families plans(90% sure I won’t make it until an hour later or so). Have someone replace me and I hope that I can have the chance to enter in a tournament like this in the near future.

    • .ProtoStyle says:


      Pity to hear that, but thanks for letting us know in advance. Hope to see you at the next one.


  4. Dashing says:

    sup to the bratty s5 newby kid in charge of this thing w/e it is. I won’t participate cuz you are lame and your team settings are lame so good day to you, nerd.

  5. ChampionKaka says:


    ChampionKaka here from team Alpha, room 1. I actually missed the event due being home way too late, and I want to sincerely apologise.

    Thanks for understanding.

    • .ProtoStyle says:


      No problem, thanks for letting us know. Real life always comes first. More luck next time.


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