[S4L] Male vs Female – The myths and the facts

The moment you start S4 league, you have to choose to use a male or a female character. I was one of the few people who chose the male character first because that was the first selection by default (I like to just PLAY the game, ok?) and I was already in the game shooting and slashing stuff.

Eventually, you can have a second character and then even a third character so if you wanted to use the other gender you couldn’t choose, all you had to do was level up a couple of times. But, when there’s a choice, people are sure to argue over which choice is better. And most of the times (I’m not sure why), people think female characters are generally better. I don’t think S4 was much of an exception to this either.

The facts

There’s the dodging animation where the female dodges have them cartwheeling in the air while the male dodges make them roll on the ground. The female characters were ‘stylish’ as the game depicted. They just visually looked better. Sounded better. The dodging animations were cooler, their clothes looked better (at least, it was in the PEN shop) and they were also technically a little bit smaller since the majority of males are taller than the majority of females. This obviously lead to the ‘smaller hitbox’ argument, where people claimed that it was harder to hit females characters since they were smaller and thus had a smaller hitbox than male characters. But by the time I actually cared about the visuals of the game, I couldn’t start using a female character because:

  1. It was difficult to buy clothes for two characters and maintain a steady enough PEN income to support the both of them back then. Clothes were much more expensive than weapons and skills for repair, there was no loot box, and the rentals ran out by real-time so I was losing more PEN than gaining it.
  2. By the time I stopped buying clothes, I was too used to using the male character (ironic really). The dodges seemed weird and using a sword felt a bit off. This was especially noticeable when I was using the CS heavy. Even though they looked nice, it felt weird.

The myths

Speaking of CS heavies, this was one of the few myths created by certain players long ago. People compared the CS heavy of the male and the female character and probably thought well, the female character adds a little extra jump when they use the CS uppercut so it probably hits higher too. Some people even thought that Female characters were able to attack faster with the CS. All of this caused a lot of unnecessary rage, debates on sexism and whatnot, but ultimately still led to an over-abundance of female characters at one point. Maybe it was just me but I swear that at one point in my S4 ‘career’, I saw maybe one or two male characters every week when I played daily (and that includes my own character).
But of course, some people couldn’t believe the idiocy of all this and made a video to prove it. Because someone just HAD to do it (yes Harakiry, I’m looking at YOU… with a cookie)

The morale of the story? I’ll probably continue to use my male character since using the female character has no more appeal. To me, at least. The character dodges and attacks feel a bit off and I no longer buy clothes. Besides, as Proto pointed out: “In S4, female characters without clothes are fully covered. Female characters with clothes are barely covered.” Now THAT’S a fact for the better or worse…

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2 Responses to [S4L] Male vs Female – The myths and the facts

  1. Skia says:

    The bat animation is different as well. Male hits clockwise while female characters hit counter-clockwise.

    • Pleasance says:

      The CS uppercut was just an example. It would be a pain for me to list all the animation differences.
      I also pointed that out because I feel the most uncomfortable when I use melee with a female character. It just feels weird like it has a different hitbox. I know that’s just my head but that sitll stops me from using female characters today.

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