Support Us!

Hey, you! Do you like the Ardan Frontier? Do you want to do something in return for all hours we invest in this blog to create these entries you all enjoy so much, and earn our eternal gratitude in return? Then transfer all your $$ to my Paypal! Then I have good news for you! There are a number of ways you can choose to support the Ardan Frontier. How it works? You’re about to find out!

Method #1 – Take us with you! [Userbars]

The first method is taking one of our userbars with you to the sites you frequently post on. Next to the design adding something unique to your signature the redirect will properly guide people to our homepage and get us more viewers! Simply copy/paste the below code and replace the ‘xx‘ after Ardan with the number of the userbar! We currently have 4 userbars to choose from.
[Code] [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

xx = 10

xx = 14

xx = 12

xx = 13

Method #2 – Keep us in the Spotlight!

The second method is posting spreading the word! Tell your friends on S4 about our blog! Tell the people in the lobby to google Ardan Frontier for a fun read! On a smaller scale, you can give us your insight through posting a comment on our entries here or on the advertisement threads we have on several S4-related boards!
[Link #1 – Ardan Frontier @]

Method #3 – Sponsor Us!

The third method is to sponsor us in our giveaways! How this works? As you may have seen we aim to have several giveaways overtime, which are small fun events to celebrate reaching a milestone and giving away some G caps to celebrate. You can sponsor us by taking some of these capsules for your account (as in, you vouch for gifting x amount to the winner in S4). This way we can have more frequent giveaways, as well as slightly bigger rewards!
Now, we are aware it’s all real life money. So the least we will do in return is give you a special mention in the giveaway post, as well as add your name to the AF Supporters page <coming soon> and maybe even make a personal version of the userbar with your name on it. Next to this we can only offer you our eternal gratitude, as we will definitely appreciate and realise your generosity, no matter how small it may be. Even if it’s just a stack of 3 Pet Capsules.
Thanks everyone!

~Reivalt Geriant / .ProtoStyle


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