[S4] Siege -Reloaded- : Defend & Destroy (Winners)

Murphy’s law all over again.

Apologies for the technical difficulties. I certainly wasn’t expecting things to “not go according to plan” to this extent. Even if so, we hope everyone had a fun ride. We sure did and learned a great deal for future tournaments as well, so all’s well.


  • 1st – 3rd Places (7.500 GC / each): LoyalXKnight, Wicked_Eyes, -SpitFire. , Cyrean, FFSpecialRoboox, UMEHARAGAAAAAAAA, Ritusko, -Boudys-Combi2, -.The_Lion.-
  • 4th – 6th Places (5.000 GC / each): -K.S.A. , Lola-Melancholy, KagameHyuga, Risashi, -Rsn.Ancit, Frost_XL, .Final*Kollegah
  • 1st – 3rd Places (Losing Team) (2.500 GC / each): Giorgia_Chan, Osama.Talha, .ProtoStyle, Shu_Cat, ReturnOfS4, UnPeetaSelvatico, SleepiFox, [Lexi. , SeyrenWindsor

As usual, all rewards provided by PS71Games.


Technical difficulties. Match starts at 30~32 minutes mark:


.Proto’s “Note-to-self” Log

  • Players being unable to make it due to real life situations, power outages, fried monitors, runaway pets etc. — all these small situations WILL converge on tournament day, so be ready.
  • The ETs are short on manpower and have to put up with a LOT. Nothing but respect for these guys.
  • If an enemy can capture a core while he/she still is in the lobby, there is a chance that there may be lag at work.
  • Having lv50+ Semi-Pros in your room is no guarantee for a hack-free match.
  • 16p rooms are prone to cause lag.

Until the next time,


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5 Responses to [S4] Siege -Reloaded- : Defend & Destroy (Winners)

  1. FFSpecialRoboox says:

    Is there any Gameplay of the other rooms or has nobody recorded them? D:
    Looking forward to seeing the other rooms aswell if possible.


    • .ProtoStyle says:

      I don’t know about the others but I was unable to record my match (lag) and Lola-Melancholy’s stream is private. And eh, you did not miss out on an awful lot due to the small # of players on both teams.

      Room 2 is in the livestream. Here’s hoping a video of your room will turn up at one point.

  2. FrostXL says:

    Hi FrostXL here, you have my name wrong in the 4th – 6th place section.
    You have Frost_XL (FrostXL is what it should be). I also haven’t received my prize.

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