[S4L] How to Fight AP Users

Whether it comes from years of dedicated playing, getting lucky with loot box or by taking the shortcut with a loaded VISA card: everyone in S4 has AP. Usually quite a lot of it, too. The world economy in shambles, people are eating out of trash bins, but at least S4League is where coin is still flowing and everyone is HAPPY.

S4 is pay-to-win, and if you don’t go there yourself you will be the one getting the short end of the stick. It is this one fact that new players, returning veterans, and basically everyone else who ended up on Lady Fortune’s bad side would be wise to bear in mind. Before you ask, no. It has not always been like this. It is not my fault. Right senpai? No of course it isn’t.

Pleasance was as kind as to cover the whole AP and ‘why people buy it’ subject in one of his previous articles here at the expense of a permanent account ban so let us focus on how to actually deal with AP users instead.


Because, as mentioned before, equal chances are everything.

Method #1
If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

The easiest way to defeat AP users is to buy AP yourself. Give yourself over to S4’s brilliant RNG mechanism and throw hundreds of dollars at an infinite stock of e-goodies. At least it helps out the server, right?

So, how do I get AP?
– Ask your boss for a raise.
– Mommy’s creditcard. Very popular among those under 16.
– Eat noodles for a month.
– If you don’t mind losing your account, rely on the generosity of sites and kind people handing out free AP.
– Do free AP offers like this one, where you buy a new laptop and get a free €0.62 in gold credits.

Method #2
Insult them!

Because where your guns do not reach them, your words will have to do.

Method #3
Smash, Dagger and Breaker

Also known as the “In Love and S4, all is fair” method. Even at +1 they can pack a punch against AP users so be sure to use them.


The Big Three

Method #4
Strength in Numbers

Also known as the “gangbang” or “multiman effort” solution. Call in your own AP friends and get this party started. Together you shall vanquish these scrubs like the trash they are and relish in the aftermath of glory. Feels good, yeah?

262hqMethod #5

The “I have seen the light” method. Realize your own incompetence for going up against these godly beings and grovel at their feet like the cockroach you are in a desperate plea for mercy and forgiving. Suck some e-dicks here, get all buddy-buddy there, and -maybe- you’ll also get some free capsules in the process. You can raise your chances by pretending to be a cute teenager gril.


Random PEN scrub begging for forgiveness.

Method #6

Slow and steady wins the race. Proceed with S4life while you meditate on the inner workings on life under a waterfall in-between. Play, be played, and remain patient. Open your loot box whenever available, and you will get free stuff on that one fateful day when our two moons collide.

You won’t have an entire S4 wardrobe like many others but eh, you will have some AP gear to match the others — without having to spend a dime. Keep on playing in PEN/Fumbi gear until then as it will help you hone your skills and improve as a player.

Method #7
Stay with PEN

The “up yours, sucker!” method.

Until the next time.

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3 Responses to [S4L] How to Fight AP Users

  1. .Ujjwal says:

    You make my day C:

  2. NiuWang says:

    The poroto is backu. Tech mi AP Porotostyle style.

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