Authors & Special Users

Below are the names of those who have been writing for the Ardan Frontier in the past and / or are (still) doing so in the present. Additionally, you will find a special mention for those who have proven to have been invaluable to the blog’s development.

Active Writers

The present-day writers who supply you with your “daily gig of gaming adventures, scribblings, cynical remarks and more.”

  • .ProtoStyle“The All-Rounder” – Founder & Administrator of the Ardan Frontier. An S4 player who holds a sarcastic and cynical attitude towards pretty much everything in the game, but always finds a ways to spice up his entries with a daily dose of humour.
  • Pillows – “The Eager One” – Known for his catch phrase, “wait for me”, Pillows is an S4 player from the early days who left and came back to a totally different S4. In his entries, he explores this new S4 all while trying to catch up with the rest and prove himself as not just being another of the many players with the name “Pillows”.
  • Karst- – “The Veteran” – A veteran S4 player who possesses a great deal of knowledge on the game’s weapons and mechanics. A naturally talented writer who always has his opinion ready, his entries make for both insightful and enjoyable reads.

Trial Writers

Freshly recruited writers who are currently in their trial period and are rearing to go.

Inactive Writers

These are the writers who have temporarily or permanently withdrawn from their position, but have certainly left their mark here.

  • Kokocyon“The Master of Sarcasm” – Senior Author.
    An experienced and cool S4 player who always seeks a ways to improve himself, and makes you realize that your definition of sarcasm pales in comparison to his. He was the first writer to join us on the team and helped us a lot with getting the blog known out there. Nicknamed “Frenchie”. And yes, he lifts.
  • PitchaFit“She who Pitches in a daily Fit” – Author.
    A writer shrouded in mystery who suddenly arrived one day, put up an avatar of an angry child, and posted several entries before disappearing into the shadows.
  • Pleasance“The Philosopher” – Author.
    Always calm and collected, he was our “go-to” guy if you ever needed a serious yet enjoyable entry that introduced a broader view on things. One of his strengths was that he never used images in his entries, but yet managed to keep everyone reading until the end.

Special Mentions

  • Mr. Anonymous Wizard“The Ardan Technician” – For setting up, paying for and managing our domain name, server files, and providing IT support with numerous issues.
  • Kixtea“The Freelance Artist” – For generously providing us with custom designed banners, userbars & other graphics over the course of time, as well as for being an awesome person.
  • MeepDesu: Our cute ‘n adorable mascot.