Writing for the AF

As you may have seen on the support us page there are several ways to contribute to the Ardan Frontier. For those among us who are creative and live and die by the pen rather than the sword there is the option of joining us on the writing team. Interested? Read on to find out how YOU can decide what will be featured on the blog next.

Writing for the Ardan Frontier

Our writers follow a few guidelines but otherwise have a lot of  freedom. The first thing to bear in mind is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to entries: what matters is YOUR point of view on a subject and YOUR writing style. Whether your style is that of a comedian, analytic or philosopher — what matters is that you are the one writing your entries.

  • Trial Period: New writers are given a two-week trial period in which they can familiarize themselves with the site and writing with WordPress. During this time we will not expect any entries.
  • Introduction: As a writer your first post will be your introduction. This is a medium-sized entry in which you talk a bit about your S4 background, thoughts on the game, and what categories you will be tending to. Adding some real life info / habits such as hobbies, games, music or anything else is optional, but encouraged.
  • Contributor – Author – Editor: As new writer you start with the Contributor permission. Your write and edit your own entries, but a senior writer will look them over before approving them. After you have submitted a few entries and got the hangs of things you will move on to Author, where you can freely publish your own entries immediately. Finally, experienced writers can work their way up to Editor.
  • Mail: Upon joining the team we will send you an email which will guide you through some basics on the site, such as registering your account or using the kitchen sink tool.


  1. Recruitment is during selected moments only and for selected categories.
  2. Posted below are the general requirements; please read them before applying.
  3. Write a short paragraph on anything S4 related: like a patch, funny experience or whatever else that gives us a good idea of your writing style and send it to our email: mailbox@ardanfrontier.com
  4. If you are selected, you will be contacted.


  • Good English: We don’t expect you to be a native writer, but we do think it is important that you can write solid and coherent sentences.
  • S4League Background: Having some years of S4 experience increases your credibility, but otherwise it’s a nice bonus.
  • Activity: Try to submit an entry at least once every 3~4 weeks. If you have a writer’s block, just relax and come back any time you see fit.
  • My Passion and My Hope. Not as dramatic, but if you apply here writing obviously should be something you enjoy doing.


  • WordPress: The world’s #1 blogging software makes for an user-friendly interface and relaxed blogging experience. Even if you never used it before, you will quickly pick up on it.
  • Media Manager: Upload images / audio directly to the blog’s database and choose from a variety of ways to implement them into your posts — the way you see fit. You can also use it to store your avatar or signature images for personal use — we never have downtime ;)
  • Proofreader: An basic but effective proofreader tool will filter out common grammatical errors in your entries.
  • Trial Period: Take your time to familiarize yourself with the numerous features on the site. There is no rush, no time restraint, and no performance burden.