Writers & Special Mentions

Writers: Those who contributed in the past and/or still do so in the present.

  • .ProtoStyle – “The All-Rounder” – Founder. I suck at S4 but I like to write about it sometimes. Catching insults over virtually anything I use since 2010.
  • Pillows – “Wait for me!” – An S4 player from days gone past who just returned to find a completely different S4. His ultimate goal? Prove that he is not just another pillow.
  • Karst- “The Guru” – A veteran S4 player with a great deal of knowledge on the game, its mechanics, and its weapons. Always has his opinion ready.
  • Kokocyon – “Frenchie” – Goddamn those abs. Skilled, experienced, relaxed, and lifting in the gym 24/7 — Koko is the whole package in one. Your definition of sarcasm pales in comparison to his.
  • Pleasance – “The Philosopher”Calm, collected, and always there if you ever want a broader view on things. He has to skill to keep readers hooked on his entries without using images.
  • Tzunami – “The Musician”Musician, artist, and now writer. Kept in touch with the blog after his eSper Special entry and wrote an entry on various occasions.

Special Mentions: Those who left their marks and earned every letter dedicated to them.

  • Mr. Anonymous Wizard: The “guy behind the scenes”. He is our technician/IT-inclined guy, who was as kind as to set up & pay for the domain name even throughout the months the blog’s been inactive over the years. He also handled all server files and came to the rescue when I messed up something really bad more than once. Without him and his continued support, this blog would not exist or it would exist in a version that is but a shadow of the present. Infinite thanks are due to him.
  • Kixtea/Alice: For designing a vast majority of the graphics on this blog, such as the header/banner, userbars and several other graphics over the course of time. An awesome person not only in what she does, but also in what she is.
  • MeepDesu: Our mascot. Just sits there eating cookies while acting all cute ‘n fluffy and still.