About AF

“The wisest men follow their own direction”
For myself, I found this direction to be leading to registering a blog on WordPress for the sake of .. take a dive into the wild, you are about to find out.

About the site

The Ardan Frontier is a ‘mainly S4’ weblog, founded on February 6th 2012, that focuses on reviewing and writing about gaming experiences in an interesting yet entertaining way.
The core concept is that with the proper choice of words, hitting the right tone and just having that bit of humour to spice things up, one can turn what otherwise would have been just a usual day into a bewildering adventure for both the writer and readers to enjoy alike. This is our goal: to combine two passions we have in life, gaming and writing, and convey this joy to the readers (you guys) through telling our adventures or opinions in a funny/sarcastic/interesting way and make your day a tad more entertaining.
While originally intended to be a personal weblog, the site attracted a lot of attention from the S4League Community. As the amount of views for the S4 entries kept rising and eventually people started volunteering to help out with the blog, the focus was shifted to S4League, resulting in the catchphrase: ‘Ardan Frontier: A (mainly) S4 blog‘. The diverse Weekly Rambling category retains the original purpose of the blog. In April 2012 version 2 was launched, signifying the blog’s new focus on S4League by introducing new writers and unveiling previews for new S4L related content.
Lastly, the name Ardan Frontier refers to a fictional setting in the first story I ever started writing. It is an area of space where everything and anything can happen and revolves around. The Ardan are the ruling empire in said story. I initially wanted to call this blog ‘Final Frontier’ but as this name was taken, I replaced ‘Final’ with ‘Ardan’. So, consider this my ‘own area of space where everything and anything can happen’.

About Me

Reivalt Zaeran Geriant: As it turns out, I have the habit of producing what my friends call ‘novel-sized’ posts, so in an attempt to spare your eyes (don’t get me wrong — you will need them for the rest of the blog!)  I will give a short introduction, and leave a link to the actual, full-length introduction which can be found [here].
After staying offline for a while, mainly playing RPG/RTS games, I decided to broaden my horizons and started on the wonderful world of Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming, my first title being Dream of Mirror Online. Be it because of the cozy gameplay or my absolutely horrendous skills with anything else, I mainly stuck with similar games ever since. During this time a lot has happened — I have been participating in the occasional review / story contest, ended up joining several guilds and even becoming vice-leader in one of them and testing numerous games before I started on university and ended up settling down in a certain Stylish eSper Shooting Sports game we all know so well.
Reivalt, often nicknamed ‘Rave’ by friends, serves as my online alias in most games. It is the name of the main character in the first story I ever wrote (or rather; started writing. It never finished, even though all characters, several chapters and more are all outlined on paper). I started using this name a couple of years ago,  ever since a lot of my time started flowing to the world of MMOs. The name is an original, so chances are high that this Reivalt and another Reivalt you encounter are the same persona — yours truly.